On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Geoffrey Gill, President of Shimmer Research Inc. / Verisense, discusses his company’s wearable sensors and how this innovative technology is supporting more accurate, effective clinical trials. By gathering more data, these sensors help draw a more comprehensive picture of each trial participant’s experience, lowering costs and enabling manufacturers to bring life-changing drugs to the public faster without sacrificing safety.

Clinical trials depend on capturing key biometric data, but too many wires and other tracking machines can negatively impact the patient and affect results. Whereas older data-collection solutions were also costly and bulky, Verisense‘s sleek, watch-like sensor allows for more freedom of movement and takes up less room while continuously feeding raw data around the clock. The sensor is even water-resistant, so no need to remove it for bathing, and each charge lasts as long as six months, drastically reducing maintenance requirements and further streamlining the trial process.