The connections between “good bacteria”, gut health and overall wellness are now widely documented, but incorporating probiotics into existing products isn’t always a straightforward process. Tom Rönnlund, CEO of Probi, appears on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to share insight into the company’s mission to help their clients create products infused with the bacteria consumers need to support gastrointestinal health in a way that’s effective, easy and, wherever applicable, absolutely delicious.

While probiotics have traditionally been available as supplements in capsule, pill or powder form, Probi creates science-backed strains available in a wide range of custom formats. Clients in the healthcare and food industries can then use those strains to fortify fruit drinks, carbonated beverages, plant-based milks, infant formulas, chocolate and so much more. Probi can also create alternative delivery systems for supplements, including fast melts and chewable tablets, protecting even sensitive probiotic strains and increasing shelf life.