We take great pride in all that we do and love hearing from our participants about their experience working with our team and participating on our show!


“After being approached by other firms in their industry, we heard and saw the difference in professionalism, integrity, and, ultimately, workmanship available from the team at Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®.  More importantly, clients and potential clients have viewed our dialogue with Kathy Ireland 3,000 times.  For a company in the niche we are in, this was a fantastic outcome.  I encourage anyone and any company to participate in the series and to make the effort to fully understand the breadth and scope of the services that will be provided to you.  The level of quality and service absolutely exceeds expectations.”

Joseph Petrelli, President


“I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Matthew at Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® in setting up a taping with Kathy Ireland.  From the first communications in determining scripts to the final production, I found everyone to be professional, have attention to detail and easy to work with.  The on-set interview with Kathy was a perfect opportunity to showcase our product and her ability to have a conversational interview made the spot a huge success. I recommend this opportunity to any business that is looking to reach high-level business decision-makers.”  

– Robyn Readicker, International Sales and Marketing Manager

Neptune Software

“It was and continues to be a great experience! From Oslo, Norway to Santa Barbara, California their crews and teams were extremely professional and fun!” 

-Victoria Brannon, Marketing Manager, North America

Concordia University, St. Paul

“The Kathy Ireland program is a highly insightful business analysis program. Her success governs her and her team’s analysis of quality and impact in industries across the globe and brings those findings to the forefront in her program. A must watch for all investors and consumers!” 

– Dr. Eric LaMott, Provost & COO


“It was an absolute pleasure working with the Worldwide Business team, right from the time they initially reached out to me right up until the moment they delivered the final content. The education piece, the organizing and guiding through the entire process was very systematic, professional and thorough. Matthew was always available to answer any questions, and the entire team was very flexible in accommodating our requests. The in-studio experience was also amazing, the entire crew was very courteous and made me feel very much at home. The timeliness of the production and the quality of output was exactly as promised. All in all, an amazing experience.” 

– Vishal Agarwal, Founder & CEO

Safety Bags / StadiumBags.com

“From our first conversation, the team at Worldwide Business with kathy ireland has been amazingly supportive and professional. After filming with Kathy, the segment was more than I could hope for… but their commitment to Safety Bags and StadiumBags.com didn’t end there. Every milestone our company has achieved they have cheered us on. In support of the #NeverAgain movement, they edited our segment and created a commercial in partnership with us and our joint commitment to our children safety.
Know that when you make the choice to film with them, you become part of the Kathy Ireland family and will have their support as your business grows! I’d give them a 10 star recommendation if it didn’t stop at 5!”

– Dori DeCarlo, Founder

Preferred Jewelers

“They look for companies that make a difference and provided a taping that gave us tons of press and exposure that we could otherwise never afford. Even our Preferred Retailers will be able to use our onset interview in their stores to help us “brand” Preferred Jewelers International™.”

– Andie Weinman, CEO

Sheppard Partners

“Our segment is giving us credibility in a crowded market and we have used our segment to realize additional sales. Overall, our segment has generated interest and increased credibility as well as helped to educate our Target Market.”

– Charlie Sheppard, CEO

Motivforce Marketing & Incentives

“We found participating in Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to be a thoroughly worthwhile marketing tactic. It enabled us to showcase our talents & services that we offer through the eyes of one of our clients in an informative and effective format.”

– Dr. David Cox, CEO


“The collaboration with Worldwide Business provided us with a platform to increase the brand awareness of OP5 in a reliable, professional and relevant way. Thank you!”

– Maria Alriksson, CMO