Weight loss is a deeply personal and often stressful journey, but shaking up the traditional approach to diet and exercise could be the key to shedding extra pounds and keeping them off long term. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Structure House Division President Bill Mason, and Structure House CEO and Licensed Clinical Psychologist Katie Rickel share how their forward-thinking residential weight loss center is helping people from all walks of life achieve their goals and reshape how they think about health and overall well-being.

Rather than focusing on negatives like food exclusion or stressing unsustainable levels of exercise, Structure House’s team — led by a clinical psychologist — looks at changing behaviors, such as pre-planning and routine setting, to encourage participants to discover and maintain a new, healthier lifestyle. By combining that behavioral therapy with nutritional guidance, fitness coaching, medical support and luxury accommodations, Structure House helps those in need safely and effectively meet their weight loss goals.

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