Over the last century, the construction industry has evolved considerably, with innovation and design capabilities changing exponentially thanks to the discovery of new materials, such as carbon fiber. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Colleen Pritchett, President of Hexcel Aerospace Americas, Conan Bouchard, Hexcel’s Operations Manager and Regina Pynn, Additive Manufacturing Program Manager at Hexcel, discuss how high-performance 3D printing and cutting-edge composites are helping the commercial aerospace industry as well as space and defense organizations achieve new heights.

Since its inception in 1948, Hexcel has grown to include an impressive 24 plants and 6,000 employees, generating well over $2 billion a year in sales. Much of this success comes as a direct result of the company’s commitment to developing technology, raw materials, goods and services that benefit businesses the world over. Today, Hexcel products help airlines, industrial organizations and other entities create stronger, lighter and tougher crafts and components, to increase performance and meet clients’ design demands.