Many entrepreneurs aren’t aware of how government contracts can help businesses achieve or even exceed their financial goals. Jason Bortz, CEO of Select GCR, appears on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to share how his company acts as a full-service facilitator, connecting businesses with key opportunities and helping secure lucrative contracts. A far cry from DIY, Select GCR embraces a customized, personal approach that results in a staggering 98% success rate for first-time submissions.

Government contracts are big business, but less than 1% of female-, veteran- and minority-owned companies are properly registered, and those that aren’t have unwittingly eliminated themselves from contention. Select GCR’s experienced consultants know how to deftly navigate through red tape and bureaucracy, simplifying the application process and setting customers up for success from the start. From sourcing relevant programs to identifying alternate forms of financing, Select GCR is helping businesses achieve a more satisfying, lucrative and promising future.

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