Consumers are becoming increasingly food savvy and want to know as much as possible about the quality, sustainability and sourcing of the ingredients they eat. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Performance Food Group VP of Protein Steve Sands talks about his company’s dedication to finding and delivering the best possible items to restaurants and other food-service entities.

Performance Food Group boasts a catalog packed with over 125,000 products distributed to 85,000 locations all over the country. From small independent cafes to fine-dining establishments where ingredient quality is paramount, eateries of all themes and sizes are able to find products they can trust thanks to Performance Food Group’s network of trusted and passionate purveyors. The farm-to-table journey is clearly outlined by PFG’s dedicated team who know exactly how meat and produce is sourced, processed and packaged for delivery. With Performance Food Group on board, chefs are empowered to create dishes guests adore from start to finish.