On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Inventor and President of Rapid Release Technology Dr. Stan Stanbridge, and Co-Founder/VP of Sales & Marketing, Jeff Maier discuss their cutting-edge product that uses high-speed vibration therapy to deliver drug-free pain relief. As an alternative to problematic pharmaceuticals and other more invasive treatment options, Rapid Release Technology addresses myofascial pain while revitalizing the affected musculature.

The concept behind Rapid Release Technology involves using frequencies favored in sound healing and known by acupuncturists to target affected areas and help relax muscles, ease aches and pains and resolve areas of tension. The device delivers as many as 10,000 vibrations per minute, allowing for a remarkably short treatment period — just 2-5 minutes — while still providing impressive results. Thanks to their ergonomic designs and reputation for efficacy, RRT products are trusted by 10,000 practitioners eager to help their patients and/or clients find safe, quick relief all without the need for pills or surgery. RRT