A staggering 80% of the information we absorb from the world around us comes through our eyes, making it incredibly important that we take whatever steps necessary to protect our sight and recognize eye health as a major factor in overall growth and development. EyePromise President Andreas Wolf, and Dr. Louise Sclafani, one of the company’s scientific advisory board members, appear on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to share how their products are helping consumers achieve and maintain healthy vision through natural nutritional supplementation.

EyePromise bases its portfolio of vision-focused products on science for the very best possible outcomes. Ingredients like zeaxanthin, lutein and omega-3 fatty acids come together to tackle everything from eye stress and occasional dry eye to increasing processing speed and improving night vision. The result is an overall increase in how customers are able to see and live as well as hope for those with degenerative eye conditions who are eager to stave off visual decline.