Healthy living and longevity are closely intertwined, but for many people, eating well, exercising regularly and getting a decent amount of sleep isn’t enough. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Bob Greska, CEO, scientist and engineer of Greska, discusses how Greska’s Carbon-60 is helping consumers achieve more mental focus, find more energy, be more active and increase their overall vitality.

Pure and free of additives, solvents and preservatives, Carbon-60 contains just certified organic, cold-pressed, highly filtered, non-GMO sunflower oil mixed with food-grade carbon to create a concentrated supplement that delivers a big impact in smaller dosages. Carbon-60 has the incredible distinction of being the smallest antioxidant molecule on the market, measuring some 4,000 times smaller than similar products and therefore far more bioavailable to the human body for processes. By neutralizing toxins, Carbon-60 prevents the build-up of free radicals, protecting your body from age-related damage and encouraging healthy cell function.