The vast majority of infections can be linked to a web-like network of microscopic bacteria called biofilm. During their feature on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Nobio shares how their company’s cutting-edge proprietary nano-technology is stopping this incredibly resistant type of bacteria in its tracks. It’s the first and only anti-biofilm solution in existence, giving healthcare facilities an unprecedented way to prevent the contamination of medical devices and better protect vulnerable patient populations.

Nobio uses particles that bind permanently to the targeted material. These particles never lose their efficacy, and because they’re both durable and non-toxic, they are able to stand up to even multi-drug resistant “superbugs” without irritating or otherwise comprising any humans that come into contact. In addition to healthcare applications, Nobio is ideally suited for use in dentistry, consumer products such as baby bottles and toothbrushes, sport and hiking gear and even industrial machinery and utility systems, changing the world by keeping dangerous bacteria firmly at bay.