When muscle spasms threaten to derail competitive edge and force players to the sidelines, there’s a product ready to replenish natural mineral stores and encourage impressive performance and effective, comfortable recovery. Krampade CEO & CSO Eric Murphy, Ph.D., appears on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to talk about the science behind his company’s powder-powered high-potassium sports drink.

Krampade’s special electrolyte-infused formula is designed for use during stressful activity as well as post-game or after a workout to help fight fatigue and increase hydration. What started as an experiment by Murphy, a medical school professor, has evolved into a delicious beverage that helps keep cramps at bay while also ensuring users feel better in between periods of exertion. Each tasty flavor contains all the elements typically lost in sweat, replacing key nutrients such as potassium via a concentrated drink that’s lower in calories and sugar compared to the competition.