As health care costs continue to soar, organizations within the health care space are eager for solutions that help them meet budgetary goals while also improving patient outcomes. KenSci CEO and Co-Founder Samir Manjure appears on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to share how a collaboration between doctors and data scientists is helping everyone from providers to payers understand patient risk and find better ways to serve.

Kensci, an MSUS Partner Award Winner for Healthcare in 2020, is a data-driven platform that helps predict and prevent potential risks by detecting patterns of inefficiency. The system also identifies which sectors of the population may be at risk. With that information in hand, providers can focus on intervention, potentially staving off illness and disease rather than primarily treating them after they’ve become a reality. At its core, KenSci‘s technology is a complex network of pre-built models, applications and workflow integration that gets to the root of problems quickly to help create solutions with similar speed.