More and more companies are recognizing the value in offering their employees health and wellness plans, but putting together custom packages and connecting team members with the right services isn’t always easy. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Aquila Chairman and CEO I. Yvan Miklin shares how his company’s unique combination of facility design, app-based software and management services is making it easier than ever for companies to increase in-house efficiency, inspire healthier lifestyles and encourage greater employee well-being.

Aquila’s clients choose from a suite of tech-driven stand-alone products as well as integrated packages that include everything from a comprehensive health library to 3D video exercises to incentive programs. Corporations interested in boosting their benefits packages can also explore the development and management of on-site facilities, gifting memberships to a gym or app to encourage engagement and inspire personal betterment. It’s all part of Aquila‘s long game, which includes genetic testing for performance and nutrition and wider management services.