While today’s market demands more quality control than ever, the semi- automated solutions out there are still too prone to error. QCify takes the human error out of quality control. Once you’ve entered your samples, their fully automated system takes care of the rest, providing you with highly accurate digital reporting. QCify’s revolutionary product data has many applications and will optimize your processing line.

Transforming Quality Control for the Food Processing Industry

The science behind Qcify makes automated inspections 6 to 12 times faster than a typical worker that can only analyze one food sample for quality every 15 minutes. Automation helps with convenience and offers less pressure, helping people evolve from an execution role to one of supervision. The Qcify 3D vision system records whole images of products and is analyzed using AI to look at products like humans do. This helps increase grow production volumes while operating more efficiently.

A network working 24/7, the system collaborates with machines around the world to eventually have every machine in every location viewing everything the exact same way. The user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology work together to allow workers to test 10 to 20 times the number of samples in the same time period with greater accuracy than ever before.

“The food industry is under enormous pressure because population is growing at a rapid pace but food production is not following at the same rate,” says Peeters. “We have to become more efficient to sustain the growth, providing a good food supply to the population. There is also a big increase in labor costs. As consumers, we aren’t happy that the prices increase at the same pace, and the only way to overcome this is by becoming more efficient.”

QCify’s Community Involvement Combatting COVID-19

Understanding that go-to third party services may be heavily impacted, you can now get your QC certificates almost instantaneously. QCify is currently offering certificate services for free with their launch of UrgentCertificates.com .

QCify also reminds us to look to the U.S. FDA for resources on Food Safety and the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)