Finding a trusted, experienced caregiver to help tend to an elderly or disabled loved one can seem daunting, but one company has built their entire brand on the premise that compassionate, quality reliable care is entirely possible. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, Executive Home Care Co-Founder Mila Verkhoglaz and President & CEO Lenny Verkhoglaz share the touching origins behind their home care business and why one-on-one care plays such a vital role in allowing clients to live more independently in the comfort of familiar surroundings.

For family members, being a full-time caregiver is often simply not possible. Even when it is, the stress of such towering responsibility can be hard to bear, causing friction and leading to burnout. In those situations, Executive Home Care can step in, providing everything from skilled nursing to simple companionship, helping those in need accomplish essential tasks and enjoy life to the fullest.