Autologous regenerative biologics is the practice of using a patient’s own cells in healing therapies. Patrick Pennie, CEO of Emcyte Corporation, appears on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to discuss the power of regenerative medicine and how his company is using this incredible process to help patients address ongoing health concerns and achieve a better quality of life.

Regenerative medicine is about more than simple repairs, offering a restorative option with results that last far beyond the treatment period. For example, Emcyte’s PurePRP SupraPhysiologic contains clinical platelet rich plasma (C-PRP) full of growth factors that target damaged tissue. Applied using the correct delivery system and in optimal clinical dosages, PurePRP can assist with everything from skin rejuvenation to incontinence to chronic wound management. By harnessing the power of autologous therapies in quality products available at competitive pricing, Emcyte is essentially giving customers an effective, biologically tolerable way to heal themselves and take advantage of cutting-edge science.