For people who suffer from equinus, a condition that affects the ankle joint and related range of motion, a lack of flexibility can lead to pain, sores and a broad spectrum of debilitating foot and ankle problems. On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, IQ Med CEO John Moorin, Partner Ricky Heath, and Dr. Patrick Deheer, DPM, Inventor of The Equinus Brace™, discuss how their nonsurgical equinus treatment is helping customers regain mobility, increase functionality and decrease pain.

IQ Med seeks to improve upon existing treatment methods for equinus as well as plantar fasciitis with braces that require as little as an hour of daily wear. This user-friendly schedule combined with the ability use the brace anywhere results in greater patient compliance and improved outcomes. Overall, it’s a lightweight, compact design that offers customization, comfort and a personalized fit for simple, effective relief to help patients live fuller, happier and healthier lives.