Anyone who’s felt the itchy, uncomfortable effects of dry air knows firsthand how plummeting humidity levels can influence well-being, but the importance of proper hydration goes far beyond irritated eyes and flaky skin. Condair-Nortec Humidity CEO Oliver Zimmerman and Dr. Stephanie H. Taylor of Harvard Medical School appear on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to share how finding the right temperature, humidity and hydration helps create a comfortable, safe environment for humans, musical instruments, fine art and more.

Condair’s comprehensive line of humidification systems are based on years of research and testing. Every discovery in the lab spurred a new product development, leading to a slate of products designed to drastically improve humidification and evaporative cooling in the industrial and commercial sectors. Backed by skill, genuine customer service and a commitment to excellence, Condair has helped everyone from independent yoga studios to the Louvre be at their very best.

In the mission to provide us with a healthier environment, Dr. Stephanie H. Taylor is taking action with her petition for the establishment of stronger guidelines for healthy humidity. Join her efforts here in the fight against respiratory infections. #RH40to60

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