The rough-and-tumble nature of football makes on-the-field injuries practically commonplace, but technological advances in helmet design could hold the key to keeping players healthy and preventing long-term issues related to head injuries and brain damage. AES R&D President Bert Straus and Vice President Steve Arzoni appear on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to share how they’re partnering with researchers at Johns Hopkins University and beyond to advance sports safety at a rapid pace.

One example of those cutting-edge advancements is the ARK Helmet which is designed to move and absorb the impact players sustain as the result of glancing blows and other typical hits. By acting as a stop-gap between rotational force and the brain, the ARK Helmet can help lower the instance of traumatic brain injuries not only in football but in other potentially dangerous professions such as law enforcement and the military as well as protecting children engaged in sports or other higher-risk activities.