While treating a patient’s symptoms may provide temporary relief, focusing on overall well-being through excellent nutrition could be a better way to create a happier, healthier future. Dr. Darrell Misak, Founder of Vi-Telometry, appears on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® to discuss how his company is combining nature and science to deliver high-quality nutritional support.

The aging process is tied to telomeres, the protective end caps on DNA strands that help safeguard chromosomes. Telomeres shorten and fray over time, lessening their ability to protect cells. This contributes to many of the functionality issues associated with aging. Vi-Telometry uses herbal ingredients in concert with the body’s natural functions to help prevent the shortening and deterioration of telomeres. This alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals is designed to get to the root of illness and promote an increase in energy, clarity and vitality that enhances well-being by supporting optimal DNA performance.