Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®


Thomas W. Clynes
CEO & Executive Producer

Adam Dubner
President &
Chief Marketing Officer

J.L. Haber, Esq.
Executive Vice President

Kathleen McCormick
Vice President of Operations, Emeritus

Valerie Maliga
Vice President of Marketing

Juanita Gonzalez
Vice President of Operations

Bill Berringer
Vice President of Media Development and Series Director


Kristine Vonderahe
Director of Business Services

Monique Healing
Director of Media

Susan Halliwell
Finance Manager

Olivia Clynes
Administrative Assistant

Destiny Gonzalez
Administrative Assistant

Cherrie Gordon
Marketing Administrative Assistant


Diana DiBullo
Global Director of Programming

Gianna Sansone
Director of Programming

Valerie Saperstein
Director of Programming

Maureen Sperling
Senior Producer

Sandi Strum
Senior Producer

Glenn Kernweis
Senior Producer

Greg Leverne
Coordinating Producer

Tamara Smith
Coordinating / Line Producer

Susan Hegedus
Content Producer

Kevin Lough
Content Producer


Chris Clynes
Senior Creative Services Editor / Producer


Matthew Hallman
Senior Marketing Director

Susan Waters
Senior Campaign Manager

Angelica Healing
Social Media Coordinator

Desiree Gonzalez
Production Administrative Assistant

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®